23 Months Infant Development

23 Months Babies Listening And Their Interest

When your baby is 23 months old, life has become much easier for her. Establishing a connection between your baby’s words and actions this month is crucial to the development of her skills. But if your baby does not have such a request yet, you should not force your baby. Your baby learns by listening and observing you. Your baby may not be able to repeat you on every occasion because her interest is narrow.

Tell your baby orally what they have done this month and contribute to his vocabulary growth. For example, if you are cooking and observe you, describe what you did to him. First we open the stove, then we put the pot in the oven, then step by step, like water boiling, help your baby more. Your baby may not pronounce every word, some words are very difficult for him. He wants to use difficult words and even this effort makes your baby very happy.

The Meaning of 23 Months Babies

Your baby will observe every movement, every move in the surrounding area very well during this month. I use my language more often this month. I am a language that shows how your baby’s movements feel to an adult. In general, children can not predict how their behavior affects a different person. When your child makes a mistake, I become a much more effective method. The message, which will be given to the children, will help the child to correct his behavior.

You should be very careful about your style and expression during this month. For example, instead of distributing everything, you might say I need help collecting things. The harder you approach your child, the farther away you are from your child. He does not want to communicate with you or listen to you. Let your child always express his own feelings openly. Give her this comfort. Your child wants to talk more like this for a moment, expresses his feelings comfortably without fear, knowing he will not be criticized when he speaks. Only in this way can your child learn to deal with emotion as much as he can. I am a way to clearly show how you feel yourself in your language baby. For this reason I use the language method. In general, you do not know as long as the other party does not tell you how your behavior affects you. When you do something wrong, I must use it immediately. It will make you behave and think better. By recognizing your wrong behavior on this page, you can fix it.

23 Months Baby Voices and Talk

When your baby is 23 months old, communication with your baby is very fast. Approximately 10-15 words or more per day can be learned very easily. Some babies talk too early, some babies too late. If you do not speak, even if your baby is on time, do not worry, encourage him to talk more. Encourage your baby when she wants to say something, but if there are parts that are difficult to complete, then complete it. If you encourage your baby to speak, she begins to express her thoughts more easily. Even if your speech is incomprehensible, treat it as a sense, and if you think you understand it, you will want to talk more. He will be more enthusiastic to share his thoughts. While your baby is trying to talk, she can try to imitate you, try to say what you say. This means that your baby is eager and willing to talk.

23 Months Babies Social Abilities

Your baby is growing slowly now. For this reason, the already existing curiosity will increase even more. For every object, an infant or a pet will surely want to touch it. He will want to know what he looks like with his hand. He will try to throw some objects he is curious into and try to taste. So be sure to check what you are doing, without making your baby aware of it. Do not leave alone for long. Do not leave any objects where your baby can be reached that may be harmful to her. In this period, your baby will reach very comfortably everywhere you have difficulty growing before you grow up. For this reason, do not leave anything in the drawers and cabinets that could be dangerous for your baby. Your baby will show love for you or other members of the family at this time. In this month, the third dimension perception is more developed and more attention is paid.

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