5 Rich Food Combinations That Can Be Easily Consumed By Non-Meat Lovers

If you do not eat meat or if you want to give up eating meat altogether, it is likely that the first thing that comes to mind is how you will get the iron your body needs. However, it is a big mistake to think that iron is only taken from meat. Because there are also iron in many bitter foods. But of course meat in meat and meat in our bodies is both much faster and much more easily absorbed. The iron in the vegetable food is not easily absorbed. Only about 2 percent of the iron in plant foods is in the range of 20 to 20 percent, exceeding our digestive system and passing through our blood. But this ratio travels around 15 to 35 percent for the iron in animal greens. You may have been uneasy about giving up meat after you have received this information. Of course this decision is up to you, but it is also possible to make sure that the iron in the vegetable food is absorbed much more in our body.

That’s why you may need to make new and special nutrition plans for yourself. In fact, we prepared a very nice and quite delicious combinations for you to make use of herbs in the vegetable garden. But of course you are not just eating vegetables and fruits in these combinations. You can prepare delicious meals by mixing vegetables or fruit with plenty of iron in one piece and vegetables or fruit with plenty of vitamin C in one piece.

All you need to do is to consume the food that contains the vitamin C in it, along with the food consumption in the iron. If it is hard to adjust the food like this, you can at least drink orange juice as a drink. So you will automatically receive vitamin C. In this way you can also place the iron in the shape you like.

1. Spinach and Red Pepper

Red bell pepper will be very compatible with spinach because it is a food that suits many things. Our recommended red stuffed pepper is raw and then added to the spinach salad. Or you can prepare a spinach stuffed pepper for a much nicer menu. You are meatless but you have made a stuffed meat that is as useful and delicious as meat. To consume this duo in the most practical way is to slice and sift both in a pan. When you add some olive oil and garlic on top of it, you will have an exquisite taste and health.

2. Broccoli and Tomatoes

We love to consume tomato in almost everything in Turkish cuisine. Although broccoli is a little distant from our kitchen, it is actually very delicious and very beneficial for iron. Our recommendation for you to use these binaries is to first cook broccoli and then mix it with tomato paste. But if you prefer, you can also take a splendid meal with broccoli, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, garlic, olive oil and spices. You can even consume whole wheat pasta in a small portion along with salmon or dry beans. So you will have created a healthy menu as much as it is delicious. If you want to get more iron while you are having breakfast, be sure to have some broccoli and some tomatoes in your breakfast omelette.

3. Cowpea and cabbage

You may have thought at first how I could use these two together. But we have a beautiful formula. For this, we recommend that you put the börülceyi and the cabbage on a lavash bread and pour a little vinegar on it and eat it as a dürüm. But if you like, you can prepare a cabbage salad and add some cowpea and spices.

4. Curly Cabbage and Orange

The best way to consume a combination of curly cabbage and oranges is definitely to prepare a nice smoothie from these two. But if you want a curly cabbage salad, then you can put a slice of orange on it. It can also be a good way to cook both in very little oil.

5. Bitter Chocolate and Strawberries

Sweet monsters in this thing will almost love. Believe it may be power, but you can also increase iron absorption by consuming bitter chocolate and wicker together. So the fondue which is already one of the most delicious desserts on the world is very useful for your health! You know, we do not know, but there’s plenty of iron in the bitter chocolate. Since the strawberry is also a complete vitamin C store, these two will make you and your body very, very happy.

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