5 Ways You Already Have To Start Practicing To Prevent Dementia

Dementia is a term generally used to mean that memory loss is not a function of the brain’s functions. Dementia is usually a discomfort encountered in older ages. However, it is also possible to avoid this inconvenience by various measures from young ages. For example, healthy eating can prevent diarrhea or eat flour, salt and sugar from your diet and replace them with plenty of fruit and vegetables. Dementia is also associated with diseases such as Alzheimer’s, yes dementia is very similar to Alzheimer’s. There is no way to prevent such brain diseases altogether, but it may be possible to avoid the bruising with the measures you already have and the habits you will make with your lifestyle. According to expert neurologists, there is no precise way to prevent the onset of the disease, but there is always a chance to prevent it, at least with various measures, as all experts have underlined. It’s like brain muscle, the more you work, the stronger and the better. As the brain works, the nervous bond and tissue formation within itself increases and protection against future dementation problems is ensured. In general, staying away from smoking and not using addictive harmful substances will have positive effects on your brain health. Now let’s look at the ingredients that will help prevent this from happening and help our brain work healthier.

1. Healthy Nutrition

You are confident that this item is too much against you. This is a fact; Healthy nutrition stands out as a very important element in the fight against and fight against almost every health problem. Excessively sweet consumption, ready to eat, consuming too much salt, consuming fewer fruits and vegetables are generally harmful eating habits to health. A number of basic changes to your diet can prevent twitching and make your brain work better. In particular, foods containing high amounts of antioxidants are particularly useful for brain health. For this you can especially consume orange, lemon, grapefruit, strawberry, apple, red grape and blueberry as fruit. Apart from these fruits, you can also benefit from high antioxidant content by drinking white tea and green tea. Green leafy vegetables are also beneficial to you in this regard.

2. Regular Physical Exercises

Your mental function works better with at least a half hour walk, which you will do regularly every day. When it comes to physical exercise, do not come up with exercises that require a lot of effort and a lot of effort. You do not have to get tired of physical exercise, you will get enough activity for your mind and your brain when you normalize a walk in regular temp by making a normal effort.

3. Brain Health Associated with Heart Health

Heart health generally affects whole body health directly. Of course, that’s what the brain health is. Keeping your heart healthy will be beneficial for your whole body as well as for your brain health. It is very important to pay attention to the cholesterol to protect your heart health. If you have blood-related discomfort, you should be treated and you should fight against it. If you smoke, definitely leave. Cigarette is a poison with incredible harm to every organ and every system of the body. Do not include foods that may cause vascular stiffness in your diet and look for ways to clear your excess weight. When you look at all these things, your heart health will be affected positively. It also does not add up, fighting stress and anxiety and keeping stress at a minimum level will be good for your heart and brain health.

4. Healthy Social Relationships

Spend your leisure time at home and spend time socializing. Developing social relationships and spending time with your friends will help you spend quality time and also keep your mind alive. If this is hard for you, go leisurely in your free time and walk around freely. Try to get a hobby, and if possible, register for courses that can provide socialization opportunities. All of this will enable you to find occupations that will keep your mind busy and your brain to work.

5. Reading Books

Reading books on a regular basis every day and getting new information will both work your brain and improve your memory. You can start to gain a habit of reading with a book on a busy topic. Whenever the brain receives new information, it creates new nerve bonds within itself and repeats this process whenever new information is received. Therefore, reading books, learning new information, seeing new things to develop your brain. Especially if you do not have a very advanced habit of reading books, you can start by identifying the book style you like. Because, in order to acquire a habit of reading books, first of all, one should love and read about what they read. When you start to like to read a book by reading a book about your loved ones at first, you are looking forward to reading all kinds of books.


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