7 Healthy Reasons For Eating Popcorn

Especially when winter comes, it’s a fact that we close our houses and make movie-series nights. Or when the demonstration enters a new film, we take it in the left-hand cinema. Popcorn is a great option if you like to eat crispy, salty snacks at such times. However, you may be prejudiced about whether popped corn is healthy. We have prepared a list for you to decompose this prejudice. Here are 7 healthy reasons to eat popcorn;

1. Protein storage popcorn

Each of the popcorn contains more protein and phosphorus than the packaged potato chips you consume. Moreover, since it is not processed food, katibat is more healthy than these chips. Perhaps it will not come to you as convincing, but there is more iron in the popped corn than eggs and spinach. This is why these popcorns make a complete protein repository.

2. Popcorn and weight problems

Popcorn is a great snack to help you lose weight. Sugar and fat are not found in popcorn popped healthy snacks especially in the eyes of those who pay attention to kilos. Moreover, the low calorie formation is justifiable for us to love the popcorn more. 1 cup of popcorn only 31 calories! 3.5 cups of popped corn crammed you up to nearly 3 cookies of calories you have. Then, once you decide between cookie and popcorn, think again which will make you feel better.

3. A healthy whole grain source

The popcorn is a "full grain" source of health. So your diet is a powerful food that will meet your fiber needs. 1 cup of popped corn contains 1. 3 grams of fiber. Joe Vinson, professor of chemistry at the University of Scranton, Pennsylvania; ” Whole-grain foods, fruits and vegetables can be compared in terms of the amount of antioxidants they contain. ” Says and adds: ” Strawberries and other colored foods contain high amounts of antioxidants of anthocyanins, while whole-grain foods contain phenolic acid antioxidants. This antioxidant group is absorbed better by the body. ” All these benefits, as well as the polyphenol contained in the explosion of an effective fight against cancer, corn in the brain at the same time thanks to the B1 vitamini strengthens. In addition to its positive effect on the immune system, it also provides you with the energy you need during the day thanks to the carbohydrates contained in the popcorn.

4. You do not get popcorn when you eat popcorn

Do not call it popcorn. She is a versatile snack! You can consume plain or spicy, sweetened with sugar or butter. Dry or greasy, popped corn is healthy!

5. Popcorn to suppress hunger

The popcorn is a great snack. Because when the corn blooms, air molecules inside will inflate you without damaging your diet and will keep you satisfied for a long time. When you’re hungry, do not hug chocolate. When you think how many calories are in both, popcorn will be your closest friend.

6. Exploded corn is gluten-free

Yeah, popcorn does not contain gluten. You can use bread crumbs instead of thin crumbs to make crunchy chicken or fish pieces. Or you can put the bread crumbs on top of your seasonal salad. Do not pass this gluten-free food.

7. Exploded corn is economical

At present there are corn which you can find around 4-5 TL in the market and it is the cheapest among the other snack foods. Both healthy and economically popped corn deserve to be your favorite snack!

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