7 Methods To Increase The Hormone Of Happiness

Serotonin, also known as the hormone of happiness, is a substance that gives people the feeling of happiness, vitality and vitality. Serotonin is one of the most important substances secreted in the brain. But besides being secreted in the brain alone, there are also a variety of foods and physical activities that increase their secretion.

In the case of serotonin deficiency, depression can be seen in the person. The main symptoms of these symptoms are fatigue, lack of energy. The secretion of the hormone called the serotonin secreted by the brain is influenced by many different factors such as hunger, physical fatigue, stress level, drugs used. This scientist can trigger our brain to raise the hormone of happiness with movement, and we can make this hormone secrete more. Let us now try to answer the question of how to raise the hormones of happiness.

1. Do daily exercises

Daily physical exercises increase the amount of serotonin, called the happiness hormone, and this can reduce your stress. Numerous studies show that physical exercises increase serotonin release. The most recommended exercises at this point are walking, running, cycling and aerobic exercises. At this point, it is important to regularize physical exercises on a daily basis. When you make physical exercises a part of your daily life, you can observe an increase in the hormone of happiness. According to the research done, it is suggested that an average behavior should be repeated 30-45 days in order to become a habit. By forcing yourself a bit, you can increase the hormone of happiness by physical exercises that you will make part of your daily life without neglecting some physical exercise, even if you do not want to.

2. Make use of sunlight

Today’s new ways of life have locked people into closed spaces. In ancient times, people were spending close to all of their time. D vitamins are known to be one of the great benefits of sunlight. Vitamin D also has a direct interest in the hormone of happiness. D vitamins By taking advantage of a vitamin and sunlight that increases the production of serotonin, you can meet your vitamin D needs.

3. Give vitamins to your diet

There are many vitamins and amino acids used in the production of serotonin. Vitamin B6 is especially effective in the production of happiness hormones. You can get your B6 vitamins by adding rich grain sources, walnuts, potatoes, peas and bananas to your daily nutritional program. In addition to vitamin B6, vitamins B12 and B9 are also effective in the production of serotonin. These vitamins can be obtained especially from green leafy vegetables, cereals, cheese and eggs.

4. Think positive and try to reduce stress in your life

The moment you start the day, the sentence you are going to say to yourself to motivate yourself and the perspective you will develop will contribute to you in a positive way. Positive thinking will help increase the hormone of happiness that is secreted in the brain. Thanks to this positive structure of thinking and positive perspective, you can also approach other aspects of stress, which are stress elements in your life, and reduce your stress.

5. A regular sleep can help increase the hormone of happiness

While we are asleep, our body rests, but many of our bodies continue to operate in a highly active manner. During sleep, our brain continues to secrete many hormones. Taking enough time and taking it in a dark environment can increase the secretion of sleeping happiness hormone. The warmth of the room you sleep in, the comfort of your bed, the darkness of your sleeping environment, and the time you sleep with your sleep, is of great importance on the quality of your sleep. By taking care of all this, you can place a regular sleeping system and increase your happiness hormone.

6. Go to nutrients containing tryptophan

Tryptophan is an amino acid taken from the outside in the human body. Tryptophan enters the human body through nutrition. Tryptophan amino acids help the brain secrete the serotonin hormone and help. Tryptophan is most commonly found in milk and dairy products and animal foods such as red meat and eggs. When consuming foods containing tryptophan, it is important to note that these nutrients, which are also very rich in protein, should not be consumed with carbohydrate-intensive foods because research has shown that consumption in this way can negatively affect serotonin secretion.

7. Sweet food for the hormone of happiness: Chocolate!

As for the hormone of happiness, the first food that comes to everyone’s mind is of course chocolate. Chocolate is a food containing plenty of serotonin, and with this feature, it contributes significantly to the increase of the happiness hormone. As the foods that give the hormone of happiness are consumed, the person becomes happy and this leads the people to consume more. As long as you keep the dose under control, eating chocolate will be a very beneficial one with the augmentation of happiness hormone. When the hormones of serotonin are low, people feel unhappy, and in such cases you can see if you have a piece of chocolate on your side. However, we recommend that you prefer especially bitter chocolate rather than high-calorie chocolate for chocolate consumption. Bitter chocolates are more effective for the secretion of serotonin than other chocolates and they have a slightly lower calorie than the other chocolates. You will have less weight problems on this side of your head.


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