7 Suggestions For You Never To Consume Abacky Junk!

The snacks we end up in a dangerous way are when we have an exciting movie on TV or we do not even know we ate at the computer. Especially children’s fancy quacks that they eat are actually the basis of many illnesses. These unhealthy snacks that are proven addictive usually contain sugar, trans fats and preservatives and cause more food to eat. These nutrients, sometimes consumed by the whole family, are the basis of heart diseases in children and adults in the future. We have listed the damages for your heart in this article for you. Come and see how unhealthy food and drinks affect your body.

1. Content is Dangerous

Chips, chocolates, sodas or ready-made biscuits … All without exception are extremely harmful foods unless you leave your kitchen. These readily consumed ready-to-eat foods provide you with high calorie content with plenty of sugar, oil and salt in your ingredients, but when we examine these foods for nutritional value we see that they are all "garbage." Since they do not contain vitamins, minerals or proteins, they do not have any nutritional value and besides they contain plenty of preservatives and colorants to prolong shelf life.

2. Trans Fat Threatens Health

Liquid vegetable oils are heated by hydrogen and the resulting trans fats are especially abundant in ready-toasted fries, chips, crackers, cakes and cookies. Trans fats can not be counted as damaging your body. The list goes on and on, mainly with vascular occlusions, heart attacks and obesity. People who continue to consume these foods, which cause an increase in cholesterol levels, may even be paralyzed. This oil, which is completely synthetic, is even in margarine, which is found in the kitchen of each unit. Moreover, many countries forbid people to use these oils because of their falling death years …

3. Long shelf life improves the healthiness of Abur Cuburs

Trans fat acids, which are found in the milk of ruminants such as sheep and cows, are present in our milk for a long time. However, industrially produced oils are hydrogenated and produced in solid form and can be stored for long periods in room conditions. This means that a material that is extremely unhealthy for the human body is made more harmful. Moreover, this item is even in the biscuits, cakes, mayonnaise, chips, crackers, wafers we have eaten every day and even in milf paste.

4. Creating Dependency

Unhealthy snacks that allow the secretion of dopamine and serotonin when consumed due to the sugar, trans fats and carbohydrates in it stimulate the pleasure and pleasure centers of the brain due to these secreted chemicals. This false feeling of happiness is constantly leading you to consume these nutrients and become addicted. In particular, brains can cause serious eating disorders, addiction, obesity and brain damage in children who are still developing.

5. Causing Heart Crisis

The trans fat that accumulates in the body causes arterial occlusion, and the size of the discomforts may rise to a heart attack later on. Research has shown that individuals with high trans fat levels in their bodies have a 3-fold greater risk of heart attack than healthy individuals. These trans fats, which can even go from mother’s milk to baby, can produce even more destructive effects, especially in babies and children. If we want to raise children who are obese, have cancer, are at risk of heart attack and are forced to fight with high blood pressure, then we should not be able to stop abrupt consumption of junk food.

6. If you need to sort your losses

Diabetes, cancer, cholesterol, heart attack, coronary artery disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, liver dysfunction and low birth risk are among the possible discomforts that may occur in people who consume these sweets continuously.

7. Make a Place for Your Health in Healthy Snacks

There is no requirement that every snack will be unhealthy. You can make your own snacks at home instead of dangerous burger snacks if you are prepared, uncertain about the ingredients. We all know that the most healthy and delicious snacks are actually nuts. Walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds or pistachio nuts … By consuming a handful of nuts, you have strengthened your immune system, consumed both your tummy and your delicious food. You will make yourself pop at home. With corn you can bring your film nights to a healthy dimension. Using fruity and nuts, you can make great desserts for children, or just slice and fry potatoes and cook your house fat chips. You can talk about your creativity instead of the unhealthy suburbs that put your family’s health in jeopardy.


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