Acute and chronic liver failure

Chronic Liver Failure

Over the years, a chronic form of the disease due to ongoing developing liver failure, chronic liver failure, the table can say. distinctive in the year it is very difficult to come across specific findings. So it can be said that an insidious disease. konusudur.b said the findings along with the emergence of symptoms of liver failure fully seated table can be summarized as follows:

  • Chronic pruritus
  • People have jaundice
  • Weakness and fatigue

in the later stages of the disease with the emergence of liver complications; such as water collecting in the abdomen, occasional meals bleeding as a result of varicose veins that occur in the pipe occurring gastrointestinal bleeding, popularly is known as a hepatic coma and the very long-course revealed by the statements lead to loss of consciousness can be said to be a process.

Acute liver failure

The event to be reconciled with the concept of a disease or acute disease should happen abruptly. We can describe the sudden onset of acute liver failure and hepatic failure as. Wherein the said acute loss of liver function. This condition is seen most often with jaundice. These combined functions lost due to life-threatening evolving table and causes the formation of which can be fatal liver failure.

Inability to reconstruct the function of liver synthetic function and consequently expelled from the body of harmful substances in the body are not fulfilled literally causes formation of toxic heavy table. infections in acute liver failure comes at the beginning of the life-threatening situation. Although similar features with acute liver failure, chronic liver failure, does not proceed in the manner and speak for themselves with insidious symptoms. Symptoms can be listed in the following manner:

  • Jaundice
  • hepatic coma due to jaundice symptoms
  • The patient to lose consciousness
  • Make meaningless speeches
  • The concentration of sleepiness

Treatment is carried out with liver transplantation for acute liver failure cases. In case of emergence of symptoms we mentioned above it must be made an emergency liver transplant.

Symptoms of liver failure and Need to Know About

no evidence of hepatic impairment should be known for years will not. The sick person may not be suffering from any symptoms unlike other healthy people. Fatigue, malaise, itching, symptoms such as jaundice, liver failure are reason enough to be considered.

After disease completely settle in the body of some complications it can be said to be seen. Among the most important and most common water in the patient’s abdomen (ascites) is collected. Patients often complain of abdominal distension ilegel is a collection vegerek water table in both the physical examination, ultrasound examination of the abdomen can be determined. Formed in the stomach or esophagus vascular enlargements (varicose veins) that results from bleeding occurs again are among the symptoms of liver failure. The patient was inclined to sleep and experienced frequent blackouts can be added to the distinguishing features of liver failure symptoms.

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