Am I feeding my baby enough? How do I know?

Am I feeding my baby enough?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions of nursing mothers. In most cases it is the mother’s milk until the baby enough. However, this may not be sufficient in some cases. Untreated dehydration and growth failure in infants can occur when such situations.

enough signs that your baby’s feeds include:

  • After the baby’s breastfeeding because breast milk discharge occurs feeling of relief.
  • comfortable and satiated after breastfeeding the baby appears.
  • After reaching a weight at birth the baby started to take rapid weight (babies usually lose about 5-9% of baseline body weight after birth and returns to the birth weight within two weeks). The first week of each month in infants 150-300 grams, 300-450 grams of weight should take a week in the second month.
  • In the early days of colostrum, a thick and valuable milk your baby may need to change diapers while only one or two days. When the milk begins to change your diaper changed 6-8 days.
  • Within the first month, your baby poops at least 3 times a day. From the birth of the baby poop the fifth day takes a mustard yellow color. stool frequency decreases when one month. spend a day without Kaka for breastfed babies are not very usual. Baby poop 6. From the lArA başla of the month when it becomes more regular solid food.

How do I know my baby has not fed enough?

the following may occur in the event of failure to feed your baby:

  • Babies are constantly losing weight. Under normal circumstances, the baby should start to gain weight after the fifth day. From this moment on, your baby will not lose weight in normal conditions, it takes constant weight.
  • 5. changed after the birth of baby diapers number from day to day would be less than 6-8.
  • From the fifth day your baby is small, it starts to poop dark.
  • The baby’s urine will be in apple juice color. The açık renk urine means the baby is getting enough fluids.
  • Your baby is often uneasy. He falls asleep and wakes up as soon as you start breastfeeding as soon as you cut the breast.
  • Breastfeeding your baby for the saturation takes up to 1 hour.
  • will not alleviate your breasts after breastfeeding.
  • If you do not hear your baby swallowing during breastfeeding your baby can not absorb.

How often should I breastfeed my baby?

There is no exact rule about this. Some babies absorb only when hungry, hungry while others may wish to soak in before.

You need a breastfeeding your baby in the first month after birth every 2-3 hours. This means about 12-24 breastfeeding sessions within 24 hours. This may seem like too often before. But the stomachs of newborn babies are small and they get hungry quickly.

eight or nine times a day in the second month, you will need seven or eight times in the third month of breastfeeding.

From the fourth month of breastfeeding frequency than decrease. 6 Month would have fallen to about 5-6 sessions per day. But as long as you are sure your baby should continue to breastfeed.

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