Diabetes Mellitus

The insufficiency of insulin hormone produced and secreted by the pancreas and the appearance of insulin as resistance in the tissues is a result of increasing the amount of sugar in the end. It is a disease in which people will make life a habit. The effects are seen for life. Nutrients are first taken orally and started a digestive process. They enter into food and become sugar. Then the small pieces of nutrients, that is, the sugar goes to the blood, and after passing to the blood, the level of sugar in the blood starts to rise. Healthy individuals carry this cancerous sugar to other cells with insulin hormone. In diabetic individuals, this hormone is deficient or ineffective, so it is not moved to the sugar cell and the amount of persimmon increases with time. There are two types of diabetes.

Why Diabetes?

We mentioned that there are two main types of diabetes. The causes and risk factors of each type of disease can vary.

Type 1 diabetes can occur in any age group. But the most risky group is children, teenagers and young adults. In this type of diabetes, the body either produces no insulin or produces very little. Without sufficient insulin hormone, excess glucose in the blood can not enter the cells, and the amount of blood in the body is increased at a very high rate, so the body can not turn the sugar into energy. Insulin injections need to be done on a daily basis. It should not be forgotten that insulin is not a drug, it is a hormone.

The reason for this is completely unknown. It’s more likely a problem with the immune system. Due to an infection or other cause, the immune system malfunctions and attacks the pancreatic insulin producing cell. This disease is also observed in the family history and is genetically reflected in other individuals.

Type 2 diabetes is the most basic case of diabetes. It is mostly observed in adults, but it is also beginning to be seen in adolescence with the increase of obesity which is today’s disease. Most people who are caught in the disease are not aware that they are caught in this disease. In this disease, liver, adipose tissue and muscle cells do not respond correctly to insulin. This is called insulin resistance. As a result, the sugar cells can not be stored again and the calories will accumulate. Elevation of blood sugar is called hyperglycaemia.

Most people who suffer from this disease complain of excess weight. With the increase in fat in the body, insulin can not be used properly in the body. But it can also be seen in weak people. The fact that this disease is happening in the family and the genes play a big role in the emergence of this disease. It does not move a little, it feeds badly and excessive lubricating of the waist circumference increases the risk of getting sick.

Pregnancy sugar is not normally a diabetic, but a type of diabetes that occurs during pregnancy. Hormones predominant in pregnancy can prevent the functioning of the hormone insulin. The increase and decrease of blood sugar must be under doctor control. The pregnant women should not take pills but can use insulin instead. After pregnancy, sugar values ​​generally go to normal, but it is necessary to be cautious in every case. Most women who have had a pregnancy-induced diabetes are suffering from diabetes for 5-10 years after birth.

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