Do Diverticul Cancer

All of our organs in our body work systematically among themselves. This union provides the fulfillment of the vital activities of the body. We will continue our life in such a healthy condition.

All of the systems in our body have a separate prescription. Especially we can say that the digestive system is very important. If the digestive system diseases are in any way successful, the other organs are at the threshold of bankruptcy in a short time because they can not get enough nutritional value. The reasons for this bankruptcy threshold vary depending on the living standard of the person. However, one of the most common disorders of the digestive system is diverticulitis.

What is diverticul and why?

diverticulum; It may occur in the thick and small intestines, one of the most important organs of the digestive system. Cell membranes usually have a resistant structure. However, over time these illnesses will be examined around the end of the illnesses caused by misplaced or passed diseases. This leads to the formation of herniated structures in the outward direction. These vesicles are called diverticul.

Diverticules are very risky. Because the spermatozoa that develop here can cause severe bleeding over time. These cancers can cause other organs to become life-threatening. And it can even cause diseases that can lead to serious consequences. Diverticulitis that grow in size over time is a disease that can be caught by people from all walks of life. And it usually occurs in intestines exposed to intense and long-term mis-feeding. This brings about an age limit. Though it is unlikely to be seen in individuals under the age of 30, it is a disease that can happen to everyone regardless of the male woman.

The factors that cause diverticulums are related to the wrong nutrition. When the membranes in the bowels are generally exposed to foods that are heavy and difficult to pass through, digestion slows down in a long time and accumulates over time in the wastes formed here. As a result of this accumulation, vesicles form. This leads to a negative effect on other systems as well as the excretion system in the digestive system.

Is Diverticul Cancer Doing Mu?

Diverticule causes digestive system diseases mentioned above. At the beginning of these diseases constitute the problem of constipation which we call discomfort. As a result of their research, experts have found a link between diverticula and cancer. Colon cancer is a type of cancer that develops in the intestines of the intestines. Although there are many cancer types, they all have a common point. This also has an adverse effect on the immune system. The immune system takes a pulse over time and causes a multiplication of tumor-like structures. It also causes tumors in these areas to lose function and cause more harm than good. Diverticulites are carcinogenic. It provides the formation of cancerous structures together with both the statements and the main structures.

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