Do Not Drink Tea And Coffee Right After You Eat!

One of the habits of our culture is to drink a nice tea immediately after eating and enjoy it with sweet snacks beside it. Tea is one of the rarest drinks that we have consumed in the summer and winter, the excuse for many of us coming together, the chief hero of the sweetest conversations. But do we know everything about tea that is so in our lives? Could there be damages to the tea that we drink with a teapot, which everyone of all ages consumes with love? What about coffee for forty years? How long after drinking tea is healthy to drink, we will examine what happens in the body when we drink tea right after the meal.

1. What is Iron Deficiency?

Anemia due to iron deficiency, ie anemia, is the most common type of anemia in the world. A healthy woman has hemoglobin of 12 gr / dl and a healthy man has 14 gr / dl of hemoglobin. Individuals under these values ​​are diagnosed with anemia. Hemoglobin is a protein that transports oxygen to the hand and red blood cells. Hemoglobin is one of the basic building blocks. For this reason, the number of red blood cells in people who do not have enough iron in the body falls and anemia is given in this case. Also called iron deficiency anemia, this disturbance causes the oxygen from the lungs to fail to move sufficiently.

2. Most people suffer from anemia due to iron deficiency

Rates show anemia due to iron deficiency in 35% of women, 20% of men and 50% of pregnant women. The exact diagnosis of iron deficiency is made by blood analysis, with numerous symptoms such as pallor on the skin, weakness in the body, irritation in the ear, irritable nails, quick breaks in nails, hair loss, bond pain, impaired concentration, numbness in hands and feet. In the case of iron deficiency at a very advanced level, the patient may feel the need to eat soil or ice, experience palpitations, catch restless leg syndrome, and notice that the thyroid glands are slowing down.

3. Is Iron Deficiency Causing?

Iron deficiency can easily occur as a result of a diet that does not take enough iron on a daily basis. Especially in situations such as breastfeeding and pregnancy, the body needs iron. If this iron need is not met, serious problems may occur for both mother and baby. Inadequate maternal smoking in infants, feeding of non-ferrous products, switching to cows before 1 year of age and lack of adequate animal fluids may be due to lack of iron.

4. Most Important Reasons for Adults Tea and Coffee

Let’s say you have a diet you need for your daily iron needs. However, problems of anemia and iron deficiency continue to prevail. Most likely if we tell you that the reasons for these incidents are the tea and the coffee you drink? Because tea and coffee consume the iron in the foods you consume and prevent your body from getting the iron you need. Even if you have eaten an extremely rich meal of iron, it means that you can not get enough nutritional value from this food.

5. How does tea and coffee hold the iron?

For example, red meat is extremely rich in nutrients. At dinner you ate a wonderful meal of high-quality meat but at no time did you drink tea afterwards. In the teaspoon, tannins are tied with iron, and your body keeps it to give you almost as much iron as it needs to absorb the food. The consumption of coffee is exactly the same. For this reason, please be careful not to consume tea or coffee immediately after meals.

6. How Much Expected Before Tea or Coffee?

Many experts say that at least one hour should be waited after the meal. Because the teapot needs to be digested before eating and the iron absorption has to be realized. This will be why you can not get enough nutritional value from the food you’ve eaten before.

7. What is good for iron deficiency?

First, you should start with a minimum of tea and coffee consumption. Especially after meals, you can start to see the benefits of not consuming tea and coffee immediately. If you say "I can not do without tea and coffee, I need to drink it", be careful to consume these beverages as much as possible between meals. If you feel that you are suffering from iron deficiency and anemia, consult a specialist and take regular use of the medicines provided by your doctor.

8. Iron-rich foods

Red meat is extremely rich in iron. Some offal such as chicken, fish and liver are also good for lack of iron. Do not neglect to make a salad with vitamin C while consuming meat because it is a substance that increases vitamin C absorption of iron. If you want to treat your iron deficiency without consuming meat, you have many options. Dried fruits such as dried apricots, raisins, dry mulberries, nuts, peanuts, dry legumes, spinach, greens such as chard, and molasses are rich in iron. Be careful not to consume vitamin C as well as iron-rich foods as vitamin C increases the absorption of iron in the gut. Another issue you may notice is that you may consume calcium-containing drinks such as milk and ayran with food because calcium is a slowing agent in iron absorption. While consuming legumes, do not neglect to make plenty of parsley, lettuce and lemon cucumbers because you can increase iron absorption.


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