Food You Can Consume According To Your Mood

Foods, as well as their contribution to health, also make a great contribution to mental health. Do you ever think that you can consume special food that will make you feel better according to your current modality? Let’s say you’re in a very pessimistic mood that day and do whatever you do, it does not go away. At that point, it is possible to achieve the happiness you want by consuming the foods that can be effective in this mood. Besides, we can not mention standard foods for this. It’s hard to believe, but every soul and morale has different foods. So just for breakfast, there is no interest happily, there are many different foods directly related to many different moods. So we recommend that you take into consideration the benefits of your body health as well as the benefits of your mental health while consuming food. Especially we can recommend the foods we will recommend in a short while, as snacks or snacks. Then choose the mood you want to go into that day and start consuming the proper food.

1. To have nervous breakdowns

Sometimes we can feel unbelievably angry at a moment or even in the morning without any reason in the middle. Even if we do not want it, sometimes it can even cause people in our circles and our loved ones to fail. But you do not need to stop and wait for it to pass. In order to make yourself more relaxed and more understanding, you can choose foods with plenty of zinc in it. We can especially recommend peanuts, mussels and nuts.

2. To remove stress from the center

If you are working hard you are very stressed. Do not take antidepressants or similar drugs directly at such times. First of all, you should choose some healthy foods to get rid of your stress. We offer you banana and tomatoes. Because both of them have plenty of potassium and lycopene in it. Those two things can be stressful enemies. You can also choose nuts, legumes and green leafy vegetables to get magnesium. Thanks to these, your heart rhythm will also come to a very steady level.

3. To get calm

Let’s say you are very tired in the last period, you are very sad and now you need some morale. Of course you are so sad and unhappy that people can not make it to themselves in a jerk. But a food will be very good in this regard. That food is of course chocolate. Because chocolate has cocoa, and cocoa has some delightful ingredients. Those things are taking our sadness and leaving a pleasant happiness instead. But we have to follow from the front, you must not go to extremes. Otherwise, they will return to you directly in pounds instead of happiness. We recommend you to consume bitter chocolate, especially since it is rich in cocoa and because it is less calorific. So they do not get fat and they show more happiness.

4. To get rid of bad feelings

Sometimes we have an affliction. We start to think that everything will get worse and everything will get worse. In such cases, some foods can help you. We suggest that you eat fish to be free from bad thoughts in your head and look at everything well and think well. We also recommend salmon, mackerel and sardines from fish. Because there are plenty of omega 3 and B 12 vitamins in the fish. With those things, you can say "winter winter" to bad feelings and bad thoughts. Ha, if you say, "It’s hard to prepare fish, get something more practical," then the recommendation is cinnamon scent and lemon smell. For example, should not it be more difficult to prepare a salep?

5. To deal with insomnia

Your sleeping can also escape when you are discussing with someone or if you have something to do with your head. Harming in such cases can cause the next day to go awry. Therefore, of course, we will not say to you, "No dear, do not wear such things in your head." Of course you can wear it. But there are some things you can do to get rid of the problem of sleep. In this case, the food will work. To tell you the truth, your body needs carbohydrates at such times. In fact, carbohydrates directly refer to serotonin. So you can go to foods like pasta, rice or potatoes. But we do not recommend taking protein with carbohydrates. This will reduce serotonin. It would be nice if you could eat potatoes in a stressful night, for example. But do not put a bowl of yoghurt next to it. We can recommend you to drink especially honeyed chamomile tea instead of warm milk. In fact, it is necessary to say that ether oils such as anise and ferret are very effective in bringing sleep.

6. To gain courage

Let’s say you have a very important presentation that day or you will meet someone who is very important to you. At such times you can feel yourself cowardly. Especially at times when the community is going to show up, even the most brilliant may become very cowardly. Actually, this feeling of fear is very good. It keeps us alive. But sometimes it can prevent us from doing our job or cause me to give up at any moment. So it will be necessary to gain some courage in such situations. Again, you can apply for food. The foods that we can primarily recommend are meat, plum and eggs. But if you think it will be difficult to eat, we can also suggest museli, potatoes and chicken. If none of this fits you, prepare a nice pasta like this and consume peanuts immediately. Here it is!

7. For some lust

Spouses can not spare time from time to time or from the stress of daily life. This may result in more lying performance and reduced demand. Moreover, it is not in your hands. You may have been reluctantly reluctant. To avoid this, we will also recommend you foods again. Once the best aphrodisiacs are definitely spices. That’s why you can try to consume ginger and black pepper. For example, a dinner with your partner that evening could be a pasta with basil and a salad with plenty of parsley. Of course, peanuts, sesame, nuts, coffee and chocolate should not forget.


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