Gurmar Plant Where To Find? Gymnema Sylvestre Benefits

Gurmar What is it? Gymnema Sylvestre plant or with another known name and Meshashring the gourmet, (meaning in hindi sugar Yoke) used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine to regulate sugar metabolism. Gymnema, has the ability to reduce glucose, gymnemic acid, quercitol, lupeol include ß-Amyra and stigmasterol. These acids are known as natural anti-diabetic and anti-inflammatory. Recent trials have shown that Gymnema is an effective treatment for type 1 diabetes. Ayurvedic-Life International, a biotech company called patent of Gymnema sylvestre extrem took the name of the OS.

The impact on the pancreas leaves of Gymnema were first documented in the late 1920s. published in 2004, Georgetown University Medical Center, a study conducted by scientists in Washington, DC, Gymnema has shown that support for a normal body weight and normal blood lipid levels.

Preliminary study involving two groups separated by human volunteers, Gymnema sylvestre has been found to improve the healthy pancreatic cell function. Studies also supports the use of Gymnema sylvestre enzyme activity for glucose and glucose uptake in the intestine have revealed the reduced transmission.

Harvard Medical School, with diabetes or impaired glucose tolerance 4 565 patients participated, Gymnema sylvestre and 9 vitamin / mineral supplements, including the 36 plants analyzed findings in 108 clinical trials investigating and researchers Gymnema sylvestre very with less side effects, they have found that improved glucose control.

Gymnema sylvestre extract (400 mg daily) used in another study, blood sugar, for 18-20 months, reduced the glycosylated hemoglobin and glycosylated plasma protein, and type 2 diabetes caused patients to a decrease in conventional pharmaceutical dosage form.

November 2010 "Phytomedicine" a study that appears in the magazine, Gymnema sylvestre with diabetes the beta cells in laboratory animals showed that Gymnema Sylvestre refresh compared to the control group receiving.

According to recent reports given, gimnemik acid formulations also can be useful against obesity. This reason is the ability to delay the absorption of glucose in the blood gimnemik acid. atomic arrangement of Gimnemik acid molecule is similar to the glucose molecules. These molecules are found in the taste buds of food filling the sugar molecules on the receptor, inhibiting the activation, thereby preventing the sugar craving. Gymnema leaf extract; especially ‘Gurmar the’ peptide, sweet and bitter taste organs of the language is associated with the ability of tasting. Gimnemik acids, carbohydrates and thus prevents binding to receptors in the gut "empty calories", considering obesity is prevented from entering the body’s condition. "Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism" A study published in the journal, hydroxycitric acid extract of Gymnema sylvestre and niacin-bound chromium in combination in obese subjects have shown that cause weight loss.

How to use?

The Gymnema sylvestre doses used to lower blood sugar levels in the studies, 2 times a day with a 25% standardized gimnemik acids 200 to 400 mg.

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