Natural Pregnancy Test at Home

If you suspect that you are pregnant and want to learn it sooner, this post is for you. You can learn this in your kitchen without having to buy a pregnancy test kit with the ingredients in the basin.

Homemade pregnancy tests are an inexpensive and effective way to confirm a person’s pregnancy. If the results are positive, we suggest you see a doctor.

Natural Pregnancy Tests at Home

pregnancy test

Vinegar, Tuna Fish Water and Urine Method

  • Mix 1/4 cup tuna fish water with equal amount of vinegar. Stay overnight at room temperature.
  • The next morning you mix your urine with the juice you are waiting for, and if the solution turns brightly green it is the end result of your test.
  • The result is negative if it turns orange and yellow.

When you mix, close your mouth and nose and the harmful gasses that will form will not affect you.

Pregnancy Test with Toothpaste

Pregnancy Toothpaste

You can also do a pregnancy test with toothpaste in bathroom.

  • Tighten the white toothpaste into a hulk and then add your urine.
  • The result is positive when the bubbling toothpaste turns into a blue color.
  • If it does not change in color, it is negative.

Pregnancy Test by Urine Wait Method

pregnancy test

It is a simple and reliable method that has been tried by many women around the world.

  • Collect urine in a bottle or jar. Put the bottle on a flat surface and do not touch it until the end of the test. After 24 hours, a thin layer of white on top of the urine will result. If there is no change, the result is negative.

How to Perform a Pregnancy Test with Sugar

pregnancy sugar test

Another method you can do at home to confirm your pregnancy is the sugar test.

  • Put some sugar powder in a whale.
  • When you get up in the morning, put your first urine on sugar and wait a while.
  • The result is negative if the sugar on the base is completely soluble.
  • If the sugar in the urine is lumpy and does not melt, the result is positive. HCG in the case of pregnancy prevents the absorption of sugar. This is the news of your newborn baby.

Pregnancy Test with Dandelion

Cut some dandelion leaves and put them in a plastic container. Do not forget to put it in a place where you never see the sun. Drink plenty of water before the test so you can fill it in.

Fill the can with urine until the leaves are completely wetted. If there is a red layer on the leaves after 10 minutes, the result may be positive.

Pregnancy Understanding with Laundry Water

Mix the bleach and urine in a glass. If you start to foam, you may be happy for pregnancy.

Note – Do not use this method in a narrow area such as a toilet, as the bleach may irritate the airways.

Vinegar – Old Procedural Pregnancy Test

Mix urine and vinegar in a plastic bowl. Do not worry about bubbles formed during mixing, there is no harm. If the color of the mixture changes after a while, the result may be positive.

Wheat and Barley Test

Pour a little urine on the wheat and barley seeds and see if they germinate and germinate. According to the Egyptians, wheat will be your baby if it is germinated.

How does pregnancy with soap known?

You can use a normal soap for this test. Pour urine over a small piece of soap. If you become bubbled and bubbles occur, you will become pregnant.

Red Cabbage Test

This is more of a natural test of what the baby’s gender is. Cut the half of the red cabbage and put it in a bowl filled with hot water. Put in the oven and boil for 10 minutes and then wait for it to cool. Pour the water into a kavanoza or cup.

Mix it in equal amounts with the urine you received in another jar or cup. If the color remains the same, ie purple, your child has a higher chance of becoming a girl, and if the color turns red to pink, your child will be yours.

Short Tips

  • Make your urine in a cabinet, cut the lemon in half and squeeze the half into this cabinet. The bottom of the lemon puddles is a sign that you’re pregnant. Remaining lemon sludge on the urine indicates that you are not pregnant.
  • Make your urine in a cabin. Put some carbonate on the urine. If the carbonate is swollen and foamy, you may be pregnant. Carbonate swelling and bubbling can show you’re not pregnant.
  • If you do not use urine, boil it in a cezve, foaming is a sign of pregnancy, and if it does not bubble it is negative.
  • Boil a glass of milk and put the same amount of urine in it. Wait for 1 day, if the milk is cut, there is a pregnancy, if not cut, there is no pregnancy.

Not to be forgotten

  •  Do not depend on the results of the above tests alone. Visit a gynecologist to be sure.
  • Use whichever method you want to use, and ensure that your sample and test device is always on a flat surface.
  • Discard any plastic cups, spoons, or anything you use when testing.
  • As you know, test reliability in pregnancy tests is 80%. This is also true for the tests in our article.

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