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35 Weeks Pregnancy

The baby continues to grow and develop rapidly this week. rapidly growing brain of the baby, the mother’s bladder as it makes your head a heavy applied more pressure and that giving mothers the desire to urinate at shorter intervals. 35 week gestation length image of the baby when examined 46 cm long and the weight is observed to be about 2300 grams. Rahim is now movement to narrow it comes to the baby continues to grow increasingly restricted to a certain extent, though not bring any trouble kicking. Basic organs of the baby in the 35th week of pregnancy has now completed its development, even liver began processing waste even some foods. baby will get more weight in the coming weeks. The most important milestone in the development of the brain this week. But the skull, still has a soft structure to be easily through the birth canal during delivery. Now gained the ability to keep the baby with her hands all the sounds coming from outside during this period clearly no longer have the capacity to detect.

35th week of pregnancy is now approaching 37 quite week. Babies born after 37 weeks and are called to mature. The babies born before 37 weeks are called premature. If the baby is in the womb, it can stand more than 2 weeks will be referred to as mature as premature and will come to the world. In particular, the difficulties regarding respiratory tract in infants born after 37 weeks and does not seem much. 35th week of pregnancy, a week increased quite a vaginal discharge. If it smelling discharge, the bloody, burning in the vagina, darkening of color, yellow or green discharge, it should be culture needed to be examined by a doctor if there is an absolute pain in the groin. Sometimes also it raises the possibility that the suspected discharge of amniotic fluid is flowing. In such a case it has to be made absolutely necessary controls.

As the baby’s head to the 35th week of pregnancy in the mother’s bladder to enter the labor positions that pressure will increase even further. In such a case, even if the mother can pass urine when coughing or laughing. However, despite all this, it is extremely important to reduce fluid consumption. In addition to the development of the mother’s pelvic muscles with Kegel exercises also need to pay attention. Rahim is now pregnant with 35 urine stomach to swell as the week – leads to an increase in the intestinal problems. Physician visits every week from this week will be required to be done. It was also well suited to the birth plan. Yes, no birth can occur unexpectedly. However, it will not be a stressor on the mother knows well what awaits him. At the same time to have the information on breathing techniques to reduce pain during childbirth and appropriate position even if possible it would be logical to find a doula to assist the mother during labor.

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