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39 Weeks Pregnancy

As of this week, oil layers in the baby’s body continues to increase. These fat layers through to check the body temperature after birth the baby in a comfortable way. At the same time, the skin starts to whites in a pink color. which will have a dark skin tone baby even going white, since pigments are starting to occur in infants after birth. Week 39 of pregnancy, the baby’s mother is among residues week could breathe easier way to switch to that position for birth. During this period the baby’s skin continues to renew and create new skin layers. residual breast tissue in boys and girls baby is well evident state. Week 39 of pregnancy, the baby’s image can now be easily seen to have grown thoroughly examined. Weight 3000 – 3500 g, the height of 48 – 53 cm in between. these measures will not change now than to have the baby until birth. But the birth of the baby during the next 3 years will show a surprising way, both physically and mentally as a great development.

The mother’s body is trying to prepare itself for pregnancy, birth in 39 weeks. Start Birth certain signs that can be closely monitored during this period and thus be required measures. Contractions, breaking the membrane bearing the amniotic fluid that is not water, people between the opening of the stopper for the so-called uterus leading to The Way mucosa as coming engagement and symptoms such as seeing blood is no longer the initial signs of labor. Usually the first time is an irregular beginning, and then began to come in a specific order and time is growing herald the birth pangs. Sometimes, however, the arrival of water takes place before the pain in women. Therefore, keeping in mind the body could start at any moment of the birth of pregnant women in the 39th week of pregnancy should be listened to in a good way.

As every week of pregnancy performed in a doctor’s supervision, done under medical supervision for 39 weeks, the baby’s size and position will be checked by a doctor. It will also be checked that opens when the mother’s womb. However, despite all evidence obtained to the birth of the doctors still it can say exactly what time it starts. During this period, the baby’s movements are desirable to follow closely by the mother. Because the baby will move in an active way to birth and may lead to decreased range of motion or the motion control requirements to be done. It is generally expected that the birth up to 40 weeks. Therefore, it is too early to worry about pregnancy Week 39 due to the onset of labor. If the birth occurred yet, although 40 weeks fetal testing can be done to examine whether it is safe to continue the pregnancy. Birth itself is no longer occurs, start giving artificial birth pangs physician may choose. Week 39 of pregnancy and is perfect to relax in plenty of time to prepare for the birth.

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