Pregnancy (pregnancy) Week 8 and Ultrasound View

8 weeks (2 months) Changes in appearance and ultrasound Pregnant

The 8th week of pregnancy a period of continued rapid development of a large baby. During this period, the baby’s brain that controls muscle movement and developing regions of the brain start to work. If the baby’s internal organs, the spleen and the liver begins to develop during this period. Especially the liver, holds a particular place in the abdomen. which is an endocrine glands began to occur in the pituitary gland and has not even certain if male or female sex differentiation in this case starts. Feet and hands are more clearly seen, leg and elbow sections are formed. Cartilage and bone formation, which began in the previous week, continuing the pregnancy in Week 8, but also ears, begin to occur in the upper lip and palate. mother of the movement for the baby during this period even though the move is not yet feel quite small. The formation of the heart’s four chambers as well as other internal organs are complete, begin the bloodstream. 8. the development of the baby pregnancy week by the physician with the image can be measured in order to determine whether or not to continue in a healthy way. the length of the baby this week 10 – 13 mm and the weight is about 1 g.

Babies almost every day the first 40 days, they grow up to 1 mm, and this growth will not occur equally in all parts of the body. Each day will grow in different parts of the body. Due to the terms of nutrients and development of the baby to be directly dependent on the parents, especially mothers, should pay attention to all the nutrition habits. Smoking, alcohol consumption should be balanced and should be fed regularly, which is extremely important for a baby should take vitamins should always be built on time controls. Contained in the first trimester of pregnancy is the most vulnerable period of pregnancy adversely affect the baby’s development in order to 8. Week should be able to stay away from stress. Pregnancy Week 8 ultrasound image can be done easily with the help of this device in the baby’s development because there is no X-ray is not any case of a negative effect. Therefore, no need to worry about the mother.

There is a low risk in the first 3 months of pregnancy. Therefore, mothers should be heavy lifting, should look no further than the body. Also vaginal bleeding, cramping, pain commuter, starting at the back and if you have symptoms such as stomach pain or progressive drop towards the bottom part must necessarily refer to a physician. It should also be noted that, in the non-pregnant women who use alcohol and the rate of miscarriage is much higher.

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