Reflux Herbal Treatment

Various methods can be applied for reflux herbal treatment . Plants such as apple juice, ginger, sage can be used for reflux treatment. Stress, excessive amounts of tea, coffee or alcohol consumption, irregular eating habits can cause reflux. Untreated can result in food borne irritation and esophageal cancer.

Reflux Treatment

How does Reflux heal?

  • It is advisable not to eat before you go to bed.
  • If you are using cigarettes or alcohol, you should reduce it to quit.
  • Melons, pineapples, bananas and papaya provide benefits. Relieves digestion and removes burning on the edge.
  • Overweight people should be weakened.
  • You can add parsnips to the dishes.
  • It is good to consume a few almonds after the meal.
  • We recommend sleeping on a high pillow.
  • You can chew gum. Chewing gum helps balance stomach acidity.

What is reflux?

The reflux is seen when we ate and ate the food we returned from the mouth of the meal. Burning sensation occurs in the so-called esophagus under the rib cage. The stomach acid goes up. There is a bitter taste in the mouth. It can be difficult to swallow when eating.

What are the Symptoms of Reflux?

  • Burning sensation in lower chest
  • Sour in mouth, acidic taste in bitter taste
  • Mitering
  • Burning sensation when lying down on the bend
  • Cough
  • Throat ache
  • Chest pain

Why Reflux?

It happens when the stomach goes up. With the ascension going up, a pain spreads to the chest. Sometimes this pain is felt in the throat and neck area as well.

  • Do not have a regular breakfast
  • Irregular eating habit
  • Obesity overweight
  • Too much tea and coffee consumption
  • Stress, extreme irritability
  • Pregnancy
  • Eat too much
  • Eat more spicy fatty foods
  • Be over 60 years old
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol
  • Stomach stomach
  • Sleep immediately after meals
  • Some medicines

What are the Nutrition Factors for Reflux?

Some foods can cause reflux. Excessive consumption of these nutrients causes the stomach acid balance to break down.

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