treatment of wrinkles, and sun spots

freckles and sunspots on the sun’s rays revealed is not a disease but can be perceived as a serious cosmetic defects. Normally a multiplication result of the unstable substance called melanin that gives color to the skin occurs.

Cells called melanocytes that are secreted from the skin brown pigment melanin that protects from the sun’s rays. personal differences in the response to sunlight appears as freckles and sunspots.

the treatment of freckles and sunspots on the sun’s rays can be sorted out in the following way. . .

Laser treatment

light is applied to the stained area 0. 3 seconds during the laser treatment. Because of this light spots while not damaging the skin is kept much darker than the skin heats up by region. The heated spots will flow in a thin layer. The laser destroys the main cause of the stain surface stains by affecting the melanocytes in the deeper plan that stain as it destroyed. In this way, spots are not fundamentally solved by providing permanently.

No capillary vessels in which expression with age spots on the face during the laser operation is decreased and fine wrinkles in the same area.

Chemical peeling treatment

Congenital spots, sun spots and darker formation such as freckles on the skin is treated by removing a thin layer of skin with chemical peels. This method can be insufficient improvement in efficiency can not be achieved completely. reducing the effects of sun spots and freckles on the substantially intact regression gives satisfactory results sunscreen delay their reoccurrence. Others again may occur when exposed to the sun thick.

At the end of treatment the spots decreased as peeling skin regenerated more wrinkle young and to obtain a glossy finish.

Freckles and especially during the summer months in order to avoid the stain again because it is personal predisposition need to use sunscreen creams.

style formation of stains due to pregnancy as well as the need to be very different chemical peels and laser repeats of 60-70% are not effective enough. not be applied to both treatment in pregnancy spots.

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