What Are The Beneficial Effects Of Worms?

The worm-feather is obtained by picking up a red worm, a special worm species, and growing the plant. Since worm-fertilization is very beneficial, it has also started to be preferred in our country. Increased use of chemical fertilizers grows vegetables and fruits away from being organic and damages health. For this reason, it can be used as an organic fertilizer.

What is the price of Worm Gübresin?

Worm-worms are two varieties, solid and liquid. The price of solid worm-fertilizer is determined in kg. The price of 1 kg of solid worms varies between 8 and 20 TL. Liquid worm seeds are usually sold in bottles with a size of 1 lt, 5 lt. The price of 1 liter liquid wormy fertilizer ranges from 30 TL to 50 TL.


What are the Uses of Worm Gübresin?

You can use a lot of worms in the field in plant breeding. It can be used in plants grown at home, in the garden, in balkon, as well as in products that can be grown in the field, Applicable to vegetables, fruits, flowers and trees.

How to Use Worm Guraine

Worm seed is taken as solid or liquid and used for producing yada. The vegetable shrimp is applied to the fruit tree while the plant is in contact with the root. While a handful is sufficient for vegetable fodder, about 1 kg of solid wormwood can be used for the fruit tree. Liquid worm fertilization is applied to the plants by mixing with 1 to 200% water.

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