What are the Prolactin Elevation What Causes

What are the Prolactin Elevation What Causes

Prolactin is a hormone secreted by the pituitary gland located at the back of the brain. Milk hormone or also called the stress hormone. The main task of this hormone in the body is to ensure that milk production in women after childbirth. If what you like is a function in males are not fully known.


From the second month of pregnancy start to increase the rate of prolactin in the body. In this way, the baby would have been born after the mother’s milk for nutrition ready. Also after birth it can not be seen upfront thus providing an ar- rangement pieces and also not to stay pregnant while breastfeeding is still the hormone prolactin.

The high prolactin levels during pregnancy is normal. On the contrary, low-prolactin during pregnancy can not be considered normal. The opposite is the case outside pregnancy. elevation of prolactin levels in non-pregnant women is a harbinger of something that went wrong in the body.

Our body is another hormone called dopamine to keep the balance secretes the hormone prolactin. Thus prolactin it executes the function stable. Have high levels of the hormone prolactin is necessary for the development and function of the female reproductive organs is a condition that must be brought under control.

Prolactin Elevation Causes

intense exercise or stress, such as a small amount of increase in prolactin levels factors may play a role. As is known, the people who are under stress and changes in brain chemistry. This condition may also affect the hormone prolactin-secreting pituitary. (4)

The underlying diseases
If prolactin levels increased so remarkable in this case only saying impassable stress and a deeper research needs to be done. Some of the disorders that may increase the hormone levels are checked whether said.

In women with polycystic ovary syndrome disorders it has been observed in high prolactin levels.

Chronic renal failure in patients with cirrhosis of the liver disorders and those caught are known to increase levels of prolactin in.

Hipotirio was called, few studies of the problem of the thyroid gland is an important reason to extend this hormone. prolactin levels measured at the same time the person may be checked by whether additional assay was also performed as hypothyroidism. If the determination of TSH and T4 thyroid disorder as a result of hormone assays treatment is shaped accordingly. (6)

Used drugs
Prolactin levels of certain psychiatric drugs such as depression and depression optionally used antidepressants are known to be effective on.

The side effects of some drugs used for patients with hypertension is an increase in prolactin levels. Yet in birth control pills and estrogen hormone it can be mentioned in the same side effects than drugs.

It is a major tumor types that cause excessive prolactin secretion by the pituitary gland and the resulting called prolactinoma pituitary tumors by preventing health study. Tumors larger than 1 cm in diameter “macroadenoma”, small tumors 1 cm “mikroadenoma it” is called. These are mostly benign tumors.

Smoking increases prolactin secretion in pituitary tumors but still may be causing a rise in prolactin levels. These tumors may lead to a hormone called dopamine affect prolactin elevation.

Other reasons
continuous stimulation of women’s nipple is applied to the hard blows to the chest or thorax of major operations received increases in prolactin levels.

The protein-based diet could be a factor in the increase of prolactin levels temporarily. The over consumption of protein that the body can affect the promotion of the basic needs of prolactin levels.

This data is information that emerged as a result of scientific research conducted so far. It is known that if they are not always the main factor triggering factors. Approximately one-third of those living in the Hyperprolactinaemia discomfort, explaining the growth hormone is not possible to say precisely why.

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